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Founded in 2011  by Steven Barrett, wood crafting artist, of Hadley,   MA  01035
Our Mission ...

Is nicely captured in a sentence quoted from Delacroix by American Historian David McCullough during an interview with the New York Times ...

"What I demand is accuracy
 for the sake of imagination."
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Contact Us
(413) 584-6131
(413) 584-6131
This créche honors St. Franics of Assisi's first- ever public créche display staged in Greccio, Italy, 1223.
4' x 4' x 1' -- Our largest half-timbered stall yet!

The angel above was hand painted and provided by the créche's owner, whose husband called it a "Mona Lisa of créches."
Do you remember the first time you first gazed upon a Christmas Nativity Set and felt nothing but awe? 
Welcome to Nature's Heirlooms, where we put all the little things into your créche stalls for one simple reason . . . to keep that necessary sense of imagination and awe alive, year after year.
All it took was one look at an Albrecht Dürer woodcut (below) featured on the cover of a liturgical booklet prepared for Mass goers during the 2013 Christmas Eve Eucharists at Grace Episcopal Church, Amherst, MA. 
Did I come close enough?
"How did you get the water in the trough?"   Sorry, . . . Not revealing.
A miniature Cross of San Damiano hangs over the cut-out figurines representing St. Francis and his first Franciscan Friars Minor as they were depicted in Giotto's fresco painted on the wall of the Franciscan Order's (Papal) Basilica in Assisi. 
The building behind the monks is a monastery enclosing the actual spot where the first public outdoor Nativity was initiated by St. Francis. 
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