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Founded in 2011  by Steven Barrett, wood crafting artist, of Hadley,   MA  01035
Our Mission ...

Is nicely captured in a sentence quoted from Delacroix by the American Historian David McCullough during an interview with the 
New York Times ...

"What I demand is accuracy
 for the sake of imagination."
... Where discerning sharp buyers seeking the the most naturalistic and artistically handcrafted Nativity Stalls this side of the Atlantic, plus accurate historically-themed birdhouses and replicas of early New England architecture will feel right at home. 
Why order from Nature's Heirlooms?

Because you, and your loved ones want and deserve the best.

Ordering a hand-crafted nativity crèche display stall and our other excellent products from Nature’s Heirlooms says much about you and your desire to create the year 'round and Christmas atmosphere for your home and loved ones now and for years to come.

We use only the best stains, paints, and techniques to fulfill our goal of becoming America's "go to" builder of nativity stalls.  Equally important, we are dedicated to avoiding the use of any metallic fixtures, with exceptions for historic accuracy, or meeting a buyer's specific request. 

Presently, we do not carry an "in-house" line of figurines. However, we will upon a special request, have a hand-carved set made. Prices for all items can be obtained on request. Each item is signed and dated by Steven Barrett.

Money Back Guarantee.

Made In America!
A sampling of our nativity stalls.
Available Colonial-themed birdhouses from our Early American Line.
Contact Us
Contact Us
(413) 584-6131
(413) 584-6131
Birthplace of President John Quincy Adams, (then Braintree) Quincy, MA
This Down East cottage ... comes with its own indoor plumbing.
Replication of Vermont's still-standing "Old Constitution House" in Windsor where colonists declared their independence from New York, New Hampshire and Great Britain in July, 1777.
St. Franics of Assisi's first ever public creche display, Greccio, Italy AD 1223.
These two small structures featured above are excellent "starter stalls" for young children.
4' x 4' x 1' -- Our largest half-timbered stall yet!